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Marc Doury intalled in Languedoc Roussillon à Port-Vendres:

"Painting from nature will always make my head ring like a festival day!

A commotion from which I have to lift myself in order to focus better on composition, organizing space and balancing structure. "

Each canvas requires an individual solution, a touch which is both instinctive and powerful, and conversely, methodical and carefully orchestrated, which together produce an original, traditional oil painting.

In my den are well filled sketch books: priceless notes that I keep rereading to call forth a brush stroke, a dynamic, a rhythm or a simple drawing.

So many stories, thick log books in which I delve to unlock the key or to give me a moment of reprieve....


Artiste affilié, coordonnateur 

de la Maison Des Artistes pour 

la région Languedoc-Roussillon

N° MDA D307507

N° Siret 34382526100021 

"Ce que mes yeux ne            perçoivent ... mon trait le    dévoile !"

Art, Artiste Peintre et Sculpteur

Reproduction totale ou partielle interdite Artiste Marc Doury  © 2011 Muriel Doury tel 0468824144 ou 0676053141.

Art, Artiste Peintre et Sculpteur Marc DOURY

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